37Games Acquired the IP Rights of Blazblue, a Famous Japanese Fighting Game Title

Making the Old New Again — Blazblue Takes a Bold Approach

GUANGZHOU, China, Feb. 10, 21015 /PRNewswire/ — In Mainland China, there are two directions developers choose to take upon acquiring IP rights from outside firms. The first option is to simply incorporate the characters, story lines and artwork into an existing game engine. Using the framework from existing games keeps costs low for the developer and is considerably less risky than using an all-new game engine or design. Players will already be familiar with the mechanics of the game, so it’s simply a matter of basically re-skinning the game and telling a different story.

A more risky approach some developers take is to acquire IP rights and then develop a completely new game from the ground up. According to the interview of Toshimichi Mori, the producer of the series of BlazBlue, it’s an approach that has both great rewards and great risks.

BlazBlue, a Japanese fighting game for the mobile market, is a recent example of a game that was built from the ground up using purchased IP rights. 91Act, a mobile game developer, drew the attention of the owner of the IP rights, ArcSystem Works. After three months of negotiation, ArcSystem Works granted the IP rights of BlazBlue to 91Act.

After finally securing the rights to this game 91Act secured an agreement with 37Games. So far, the more risky approach seems to be paying off. BlazBlue has already been nominated as the "Most Anticipated Game" by Baidu Mobile Games. BlazBlue has even garnered some celebrity attention. Two well-known celebrities have agreed to fight in the game — with the loser required to sport an embarrassing garment of the winner choice.

As China is poised to be the world’s largest entertainment market, the future seems bright for those foreign firms willing to share their IP rights with capable developers and publishers. The number of current online users in China shatters previous records with the coming years looking bright, everyone is looking to get in on the action.