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A game for beginners and games enthusiasts alike: on iOS and Android platforms 

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Cheats4Hire is breathing fresh life into the puzzle and strategy games segment for tablets. Designed for occasional players and regular gamers, its unusual storyline and extraordinary hand-drawn art delivers both: surprises and delightful game play. The graphics were created by renowned comic artist and graphic designer Sean Galloway, famed for his work for many major US comic publishing houses. His creations give Cheats4Hire a distinctive look unique in gaming.


And it is not only school children and students who will enjoy the game’s irreverent setting. Adults with fond memories of the 1990s – even if not necessarily of their own schooldays – are similarly rapidly hooked on the game. Players follow a group of cheaters and their mentor Joseph, the caretaker. They have to cheat and trick their way through the school year, helping all the other pupils who have no chance of doing well by themselves because the odds have been set against them.

The game, designed for beginners and gaming fans alike, takes players back to the events of school but this time in a way they wished it had happened.

The principle behind the game is readily understood by gamers of all ages: Players control three of the smart cheaters in real time, applying their individual skills and combining them, since you only succeed in this game with your team. As the game progresses, individual characters acquire new skills. The fun builds as players unleash special gadgets created with objects they’ve collected or their "Cheaters Club" have earned in the game.

In order for players at every level of experience to enjoy playing Cheats4Hire, they can accomplish the individual missions to varying standards depending on how ambitious they want to be. The better the achievement, the better the grade, which is awarded based on the familiar US school grade system. One thing’s for sure: The emotional hold of the storyline is every bit as gripping as the principle of the game, which calls for strategic action and requires players to multitask.

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Product:               Cheats4Hire
Genre:                 Puzzle, strategy, skill
Publisher/Developer:   Travian Games GmbH
Download for iOS:      Click here for Cheats4Hire at iTunes
Download for Android:  Click here for Cheats4Hire at Google play
Price:                 Episodic tablet app with free Episode 1 and in-app purchases
Languages:             German, English

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