MRT killer sentenced to compensation (Taiwan News)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) Cheng Chieh, the student convicted for the murder of four people on a Mass Rapid Transit train last year, will have to pay NT$29.81 million (US$941,000) in compensation to some of his victims, a court ruled Friday.

Cheng used a knife to randomly stab passengers on a Bannan or Blue Line train between Longshan Temple and Jiangzicui stations, which left four people dead and more than 20 injured.

Three relatives of one of the fatal victims and seven injured victims filed a suit to demand a total of NT$31.64 million (US$999,000) in compensation.

The New Taipei District Court ruled in their favor Friday, though it set the amount slightly lower. The judge reportedly partly based the amount on the cost of medical care and other receipts.

As no assets are registered under Cheng’s name, the move could turn out to be merely symbolical, reports said. An appeal against the ruling is also still possible.

Most victims reportedly failed to file for any compensation because they realized he would be unable or at least unlikely to pay.

Cheng showed no remorse for his acts and never apologized to his victims, the court said. The May 21, 2014 incident led to more security in the MRT system, with more police officers patrolling stations and trains.

However, last July 20, a man named as Kuo Yen-chun stabbed four people at the Zhongshan MRT station, though nobody died.