6 measures, 25 plans for complete fruit care in 2024

Nonthaburi, The Commerce Minister announced 6 measures, 25 plans to take care of complete fruit in 2024, totaling 900,000 tons, hoping to help farmers. Push Thai fruits to get good prices throughout the season. Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce, spoke after the meeting. Guidelines for fruit management measures in 2024 along with Mr. Keerati Ratchano, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce, Mr. Wattanasak Suea-iam, Director-General of the Department of Internal Trade, Mr. Phusit Rattanakul Serererngrit Director-General of the Department of International Trade Promotion Ministry of Commerce Executive Committee Representatives of government and private agencies, fruit associations, processing operators Logistics operators Retail-wholesale department store Fuel stations, logistics platforms, financial institutions Airlines and farmer representatives were joined by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Commerce. Join hands to solve problems for the people. In the season when there are many fruits, there are often problems. Therefore, fruit management is carried out in advance. Let the private sector be the vanguard of raising money for the country. The government will try to push it to meet international standards in the new trading world. Let the private sector move forward Create full money into the country It is believed that proactive measures will be taken next year. Every sector will work together to support the problems that will occur as completely as possible. The measures have 6 areas, 25 work plans, with a target of 900,000 tons. It is expected that in 2024 there will be an output of almost 7 million tons, an increase of 3% from 2023, which will be gradually released from Beginning of the year But a lot of the produce will be released to the market during April – August, approximately 5 million tons, accounting for 71%. ‘Thai fruits are very famous. In Thailand, you can eat fruit every season. It is famous abroad. and confirmed that this government is a mix of many parties but has overcome the crisis together. It’s difficult to be this government. We know that the country is in trouble. The past 10 years have created many problems. This government, although different parties, can integrate and solve problems. We will do our best and solve any problems to the utmost. He believes that next year the problem of Thai fruits should be much less than before,’ Mr. Phumtham said. Mr. Wattanasak Suea-iam, Director-General of the Department of Internal Trade, said that 6 fruit management measures in 2024, with a target of 900,000 tons, include: Measures to promote production-processing, 2 plans – Accelerate the certification of 120,000 GAP plots – Promote the processing of durian, longan, mango (Blast Freezing/Deep Freezing/Hyper Rapid Freezing) 320,000 tons. Measures to promote the domestic market, 7 plans – Create contract farming of 100,000 tons – Distribute 90,000 tons outside the production area, where collectors buy fruits and distribute them outside the production area, for which the government will help with management fees of 3 baht/kg – Increase efficiency. Fruit management according to international trade standards, 150,000 tons, where operators purchase, sort and manage fruit quality according to international trade standards. Help with management costs of 4 baht/kg. – Organize a fruit consumption campaign. (Expand new trade channels with KOL Social Media/ Organize Commercial Fruit Festival 2024) 100,000 tons – Support postal boxes (300,000 boxes) 3,000 tons with free delivery by Thailand Post. -Free loading of 20 kg., 100 tons of fruit onto the plane through 4 airlines: Air Asia, Thai smile, Nok Air and Thai Lion Air) -Enhance liquidity in fruit management, loan amount 3,340 million baht by helping with interest for entrepreneurs. In purchasing fruit, 3% per year, not more than 6 months. Measures to promote foreign markets, 6 plans – Border trade fair in 3 regions, selling Thai fruits to neighboring countries. – Business Matching 650 million baht, both Onsite and Online – Promoting trade abroad Trade Promotion 340 million baht – Participating in 7 international trade fairs – Promoting seasonal Thai fruit menus Through Thai Select restaurants around the world, they make dessert menus from seasonal Thai fruits. -Agricultural trade delegation visits foreign countries, 65 million baht 4. Measures to increase trade efficiency, 5 work plans – Working group to promote export of Thai fruits. The private sector is the vanguard, the state supports it – pushes the use of trade benefits from the FTA, promotes the export of products that receive quotas according to the FTA – Thai fruit public relations media in the Chinese market and potential markets – Negotiate to relax international trade measures. Reduce taxes and trade barriers – Marketing training for domestic and export trade. 3 trade facilitation measures – relaxation of labor movement If necessary -Support sorting-transportation if necessary -Provincial-country salesman team Product link Legal measures 2 plans – Close the purchase price sign at 8:00 a.m. or as soon as purchase is opened. and buy according to the price posted on the sign – Deterrence and suppression with the Price Act. Weights and Measures Act Trade Competition Act Consumer Protection Act and criminal law etc.

Source: Thai News Agency