Policeman indicted in death of Vietnamese migrant worker

Taipei, The policeman who shot and killed a Vietnamese migrant worker in the northern county of Hsinchu last August was charged with negligent manslauphter Tuesday.

Local prosecutors filed the charge against the policeman, identified as Chen Chung-wen, at the Jhubei police precinct after concluding their investigation of the high-profile case which sparked protests by Vietnamese workers in Taiwan, condemning police violence.

According to the indictment, Chen shot the migrant worker, Nguyen Quoc Phi, while he was resisting arrest for suspected theft and vandalism and later attempted to steal a police car on Aug. 31 last year.

Although by firing his weapon Chen was attempting to prevent the patrol car from being stolen and ensure the safety of himself and others at the scene, which is in accord with rules governing police use of firearms, his response violated the principle of proportionality, prosecutors said.

However, the prosecutors also indicated they plan to ask the court to commute the penalty imposed on Chen, who is considered to have met the condition of “turning himself in” after the incident.

Nguyen, a 27-year-old absentee migrant worker, was suspected of vandalism and stealing from a car in Jhubei City when Chen and a member of the civil defense corps were dispatched to the scene.

The duo tried to detain Nguyen, but he threw stones at them, injuring the civil defense officer. As a result, Chen fired nine shots all of which hit the Vietnamese man, who later died from loss of blood.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel