Stray dog finds home for her new pups at southern Taiwan B&B

Taipei,  A black stray dog touched the hearts of many netizens in Taiwan recently after she was seen running between a forest hiking trail and a bed-and-breakfast (B&B) about one kilometer away several times to bring all her eight puppies into shelter at the hostel in Chiayi County.

The story of the stray dog finding a safe place for her puppies broke after the B&B owner posted on Facebook last week asking for people to adopt the puppies at the B&B near the popular Eryanping Trail in the National Alishan Forest Recreation Area.

The hostel owner, surnamed Liu, told CNA on Tuesday that she spotted the mother dog on Sept. 23 holding a puppy in her mouth while running toward the B&B and placing the puppy under a wooden balcony.

The dog carried on doing this until all eight were sheltered, she said.

Seeing the dog’s love for her newborns, Liu faced the dilemma of sheltering the dogs or having them taken away for the sake of her guests’ safety and tranquility. Eventually, she sought help from friends via social media, asking them to help find people who wanted to adopt the puppies.

Thanks to Liu’s help, all eight puppies have found new homes, including one she kept at the B&B along with the mother dog.

She said the reason she kept one of the puppies was to give the mother dog some company “so that she would not be sad” after losing her other babies.

She added that she will have the mother dog neutered after the puppy is weaned.


Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel

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