Top 1 pct singers earn 4.6 bln won per person on average in 2021: data

The top 1 percent of South Korean singers in terms of income earned an average of 4.62 billion won (US$3.4 million) per person in 2021, with their aggregate income accounting for nearly 70 percent of that earned by all singers in the country that year, data showed Saturday.

A total of 7,720 singers earned 515.65 billion won combined in 2021, meaning that each singer gained 66.79 million won that year, according to the data compiled by the National Tax Service and presented to Rep. Kang Joon-hyun of the main opposition Democratic Party.

Of them, the top 1 percent earners gained 355.57 million won, or 4.62 billion won per person, and their income took up 68.9 percent of the total.

The average per-person income of the top 1 percent singers stood at 1.76 billion won in 2020, 2.25 billion won in 2019 and 3.45 billion won in 2018, the data showed.

Among South Korean actors, the top 1 percent of income earners, or 160 individuals, earned 382.9 billion won combined in 2021, or 48.6 percent of the total, and each of them earned 2.27 billion won on average, the data showed.

Source: Yonhap News Agency